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The best of Traditional, Online, and Independent Study - All in One

  • Sherman Thomas Charter High School is a hybrid independent study school; a marriage of the best of independent study, traditional, and online schools. Our school operates using all avenues to help your student succeed in their high school career.  Throughout their time at STCHS, your student will be enrolled in Learning Center courses (classes on campus), Independent Study courses, Online Learning courses, and have the option of taking courses through our Educational Enrichment Program (courses at the Madera Center Community College for dual enrollment).


    We are an independent, direct-funded charter school, located in Madera, California.  STCHS is a small, intimate school where the student to teacher population is 25:1. We believe small schools make a big difference.  We know each one of our students, their family, their needs, and their dreams.  


    The school was founded in 2009 to provide a supportive, small environment for students and their families who are in search of an alternative educational model that provides opportunities for greater flexibility in terms of time and delivery of instruction. Our school serves high school students looking for a hybrid of direct instruction in a smaller classroom environment with the flexibility to combine learning through real-life experiences with standards-based academic assignments.  Each student has an individualized class schedule, similar to a college schedule.  Three to five days a week, students attend school for an hour or more of instruction in each of their assigned core subjects. On days/time periods students may not have class, students have the option to attend lab, receive tutoring, meet with their Supervising Teacher, and take Service Learning classes.