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Pathways to Education

The Best of All - All in One


    STCHS is a hybrid independent study high school. Our students are educated through four Pathways for Courses:


    • Learning CentersLearning centers are equivalent to traditional classes with credentialed teachers and students in a classroom. Classes are on a block schedule (similar to college courses). All core Learning Center classes are a-g approved (i.e.. math, science, English Language Arts, visual arts, and social studies).


    • Online Classes: Online courses are for, but not limited to, students in need of credit recovery, foreign language courses, AP courses, and higher education courses we are not able to offer on our campus (i.e.. calculus). All online courses are a-g approved through our vendor.


    • Independent StudiesIndependent study courses are to be completed independently by the student. The teacher assigns the courses needed, assigns work, grades work, and gives students a grade in a timely manner. The student meets, at a minimum, every 20 days to turn in work and receive new work.


    • Enrichment ProgramThe Enrichment Program is in partnership with our local community college. Students are dual enrolled at the college for college units and high school credits.