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Learning Through Service

  • We at Sherman Thomas Charter High School believe strongly in the value of learning through service.  Therefore, we have developed various community projects, internships, etc. for our students known as service learning classes. 

    Each year, our students have a specific service learning class (please see the course syllabus for further details).


    • Freshman Year – Service Learning:  Students will complete service projects throughout the community with the aid of the Service Learning teacher.  


    • Sophomore Year – Career Education:  Students start brainstorming and researching what their plans are after high school.  The class will also visit various college campuses and/or career field trips throughout the duration of the course.


    • Junior Year – Internship:  Students will complete a Mock Interview in their fall semester. Students acquire two internships (with the help of their teacher) in the field of interest to them.


    • Senior Year – Senior Project:  Students apply knowledge gained through the Service Learning courses to create their own Senior Project.  They will present their completed senior project to a panel highlighting their Service Learning experience(s).