How do I Enroll at STCHS?


    We are currently accepting Enrollment Interest Forms for Incoming Freshmen through Senior!!


         Sherman Thomas Charter High School is a 9-12 public school. As such, we admit any student** who meets the application process, meets the California state residency requirements and is no older than 19 years* of age at the time of enrollment, provided there is space available. We offer a period of open enrollment every spring for the upcoming school year. During that time, applications are available and received. If more eligible applicants than we can accommodate apply, a lottery will take place, at an appointed date and time, to ensure equal and fair treatment of all eligible students. 

         STCHS works in partnership with the parents/guardians of our students to help them design the educational pathway that they feel is compatible with the goals and learning style of their student.  By choosing to enroll their children in Sherman Thomas Charter High School, parents accept a partnering role in their children’s education.

         It is also important for parents/guardians to realize that in accordance with California State Assembly Bill 544, it is not legal for a student to be concurrently enrolled full-time in a charter school and in any other school, public or private.

         The staff of Sherman Thomas Charter High School believes in honoring the dignity of all human beings. Because of that belief, we do not discriminate in our enrollment practices on the basis of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, or national origin.

    We are now accepting applications for the 2023-2024 School Year. Please use the link below to submit your Enrollment Interest Form. *Please note, submitting an interest form does not guarantee placement at Sherman Thomas Charter High School*


    Enrollment Interest Form for 9th - 12th Grade 2023-2024




    * Unless noted in students IEP or the student otherwise meets the legal requirements for being over age 19.


    **STCHS does not accept currently expelled students**

    A complaint Notice & Form must be included with each application, starting January 1, 2020.