Principal's Message
  • Jessica Montemayor, Principal at Sherman Thomas Charter High School Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Jessica Montemayor.  I have had the privilege of living in Madera most of my life.  I attended Madera schools and was a proud Coyote.  I continued my education at Fresno State where I received my Bachelor of Arts and teaching credential.

    I always knew my life’s purpose was to influence positive change in the community of Madera, which I love.  I have been teaching for the past 15 years.  I started my education as a 5th grade teacher, worked with new teachers through coaching, and was a Guidance and Instructional Specialist at our sister school, Sherman Thomas Charter School.

    In 2009, I joined the Sherman Thomas Charter High School team.  I have had the privilege of being the English teacher, supervising teacher, and now, your principal.  I strongly believe that small schools make a big difference!  I believe that our future is our students.  I hope for the best future for Madera.  “The best case for public education has always been that it is a common good.  Everyone ultimately has a stake in the caliber of schools, and education is everyone’s business” (Muhammad, “Transforming School Culture”).  I have a stake in our students’ future; you have a stake in our students’ future.  Let’s join forces to create the best future possible!

    The vision of Sherman Thomas Charter High School is to have continuous community recognition of our graduates as positive, participative, and productive citizens authenticates Sherman Thomas Charter High as the premier model for hybrid-based 9th -12th grade learning.

    Your Servant,
    Jessica Montemayor
    Once a Volunteer, Always a Volunteer!